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Where to Get Cosplay Costumes: Affordable and Realistic Costumes

Where to Get Cosplay Costumes Affordable and Realistic Costumes

For cosplayers, every fan convention is an exciting, most anticipated day. It is a chance to showcase their costumes and dress up like their favorite anime characters. Another fan convention is fast approaching and you don’t have much time to make your own costume. Where do you get cosplay costumes? Are they ready to wear or made to order?

Where to get cosplay costumes?

People who have been into cosplay for quite some time now know where to get affordable, realistic cosplay costumes. Some cosplayers have social connections among their fellow cosplayers and share insights where to buy cheap, yet well-made costumes.

When searching for cosplay costumes, the best place to start is the Web. You’ll find different websites and social media sites that sell quality materials for costumes, or second-hand cosplay costumes that are sold at affordable prices. Some websites offer made-to-order cosplay costumes, while some sell on commission sites.

Here are some places where to get cosplay costumes:

Online stores

The most popular, one-stop shop for everything are the online stores such as Amazon, e-bay, and more. Online stores provide details of cosplay costumes including the dimensions, color, size, and more. You can also read reviews from customers.

Online stores sell cosplay costumes at different discounted prices, but the unused costumes are much more expensive. Some offer special discounts during special occasions. Cosplays love ordering from online stores because it is convenient.

Social connections among cosplayers

Do you know another way how to get cosplay costumes? How about from your fellow cosplayers? Having a wide social network in the cosplay world will broaden your horizons, and you can learn more about cosplaying and cosplay costume making.

It is not difficult since cosplayers are social media savvy in general. You can easily find someone you met at Comicon through a mutual connection on Facebook, or follow someone you adore on Instagram.

Popular cosplay costume designers

Many cosplayers know professional cosplay costume designers who have turned their passion into profit making. Here are some of the popular cosplay costume designers today:

Marie-Claude Bourbonnais

Marie-Claude Bourbonnais creates her own cosplay costumes by hand. She was a costume and fashion designer before she became a professional model, resulting in a seamless transition.

She has been cosplaying since 2009 and posts in many magazines including PlayStation Official Magazine, Elle, and FHM.  You can buy her costumes, autographed posters, and other collectibles through her personal website.

Ginny McQueen

McQueen has been in the cosplay scene since 1998 after attending Otakon. Right now, she is a regular contributor to Fandomania, a geek culture website, and creating her own costumes that are featured in Cosmode, a cosplay magazine. As of this writing, she has reached 7,000 Twitter followers, and more than 6,000 YouTube subscribers.

Alodia Gosiengfiao

Gosiengfiao is a Filipino cosplay who is well-known for dressing up like the characters in Final Fantasy, Witchblade, G.I. Joe, and Evangelion. She was featured in Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope, Morgan Spurlock’s San Diego Comicon documentary.

Her hard work and passion gave her all the achievements such as being on the cover of FHMP Philippines and UNO Magazine and has reached over 4.5 million Facebook page likes.

Today, Gosiengfiao has received many endorsement contracts from toy and video games, health and beauty products, and clothes.

Riki LeCotey

LeCotey is a professional cosplayer who creates costume designs. Her realistic cosplay costumes made her popular not only in the US but also in different parts of world such as Ireland, the United Kingdom, Dubai, and Chile.

She also worked as a specialty costumer in Captain America: Civil War, and X-Men: First Class. As a way of giving back, Riki LeCotey established a charity group called Cosplay for a Cause.


Cosplay is a popular hobby in the world that has become a craze and lifestyle for some. Therefore, you can easily find where to get cosplay costumes, as they are all available on different websites, personal blogs, commission sites, and more. You can also find them through your social connections with fellow cosplayers.

To help you find quality, realistic costumes, this article included some of the most popular cosplayers who also create costumes for sale.

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