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Level Up Your Cosplay Skills BuyNeu

Level Up Your Cosplay Skills: BuyNeu

Another cosplay convention is fast approaching. Sure, you want to join, but you want to level up your character. You’re tired of just rummaging through your closet and finding old clothes you have to transform into an anime character. You don’t also want to buy a ready-to-wear cosplay costume because[…]

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How Easy is it to Make an Anime Costume

How Easy is it to Make an Anime Costume?

If you are still thinking of joining your friends who are into cosplay, you might be worrying about how difficult it is to design and make a cosplay costume. Looking at those intricately sewn, detailed cosplay costumes that look like real anime characters or superheroes intimidates you. But don’t worry.[…]

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Cosplay 101 How to Design a Superhero Costume

Cosplay 101: How to Design a Superhero Costume

Above all else, the costume makes up the overall look of a cosplayer. And regardless of the design and intricacy, costumes should be safe for you and for everyone at the cosplay convention. One of the most popular character genres that cosplayers love to portray are superheroes. This article will[…]

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What is Cosplay Understanding the Craze

What is Cosplay? Understanding the Craze

You might have seen these fancy looking people who dress like characters in anime, manga, and video games trending on social media and television. They look amazing, and you might wonder where they got their costumes. Some even wear intricate makeup and act like their characters. What is this craze[…]

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Cosplay 101 Cosplay Ideas for Beginners

Cosplay 101: Cosplay Ideas for Beginners

It can be very intimidating to someone to enter the world of cosplay. Most beginners feel awkward and small when they attend their first-ever convention and see those realistic cosplay costumes. So, newcomers to cosplay have questions in mind: “Where do I start?” “Who should I cosplay as?” “Where do[…]

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Cosplay Armor Materials What Suits Your Needs

Cosplay Armor Materials: What Suits Your Needs?

After spending a lot of time thinking about who you should cosplay, or how to make your cosplay costume, the next concern are your props. Props help in making your cosplay costume look more realistic. They complement your character; therefore, they are important parts of the entire cosplay costume. There[…]

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Where to Get Cosplay Costumes Affordable and Realistic Costumes

Where to Get Cosplay Costumes: Affordable and Realistic Costumes

For cosplayers, every fan convention is an exciting, most anticipated day. It is a chance to showcase their costumes and dress up like their favorite anime characters. Another fan convention is fast approaching and you don’t have much time to make your own costume. Where do you get cosplay costumes?[…]

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Best Cosplay Costume Makers Where to Find Them

Best Cosplay Costume Makers—Where to Find Them?

Cosplay is a popular performance art, and a lifestyle for some, which is characterized by dressing up like a character in anime, comic books, manga, video games, and other media. It began as a hobby in the 1990s, and it has become more popular and significant aspect of popular culture[…]

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Men’s Cosplay Costumes Guys Cosplay Too

Men’s Cosplay Costumes: Guys Cosplay Too!

Cosplay becomes more popular each year. Many cosplayers have even made it as part of their lifestyle. The assembling and designing of detailed costumes that can take months is very rewarding. Because of the intricate details and fanciness of costumes, cosplay is often linked to gorgeous women who dress like[…]

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