Another cosplay convention is fast approaching. Sure, you want to join, but you want to level up your character. You’re tired of just rummaging through your closet and finding old clothes you have to transform into an anime character.

You don’t also want to buy a ready-to-wear cosplay costume because they are expensive. You want to impress your friends and show that your cosplay skill level has improved. How do you start? Well, you might refer to numerous resources on the Web on how to make cosplay characters. But not all of these websites are helpful!

Introducing, an ever informative and practical site that offers complete information on cosplay and creating costumes— BuyNeu is a website dedicated to creating costumes for characters who are seen on TV and in movies. It contains resources, information, updates, and a variety of support for your cosplay needs.

BuyNeu helps cosplayers of any skill levels, from beginners to experienced, to create their own realistic characters. How does BuyNeu work? What are the features that makes BuyNeu unique and unlike any other information resource or cosplay website?


There are many reasons why BuyNeu is a very cost-effective website for cosplayers. First, it has a wide variety of characters that you can choose from. It offers characters of different flavors and colors, and it keeps on creating more. Costumes from BuyNeu can be customized, depending on your personal choice.

It contains easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions, video tutorials, reference pictures, and even real fiberglass. It will help you create a realistic cosplay character costume, or even a replica. Say goodbye to cheap old clothes you recycled from your closet.

BuyNeu is available all over the world. So, whether you are in Japan and other parts of Asia, or in America, you can easily avail yourself of the services and resources offered by BuyNeu. You can also access the website anywhere you go once you get a subscription.

BuyNeu comprises team members who are always ready to help you out when you experience problems in making your costume, or with the website. It is not like any other costumer support; BuyNeu customer support always makes sense and responds quickly.


  • BuyNeu comes in different packages depending on your budget and level of costume creation skill. The cost of each package is affordable because it is good for one year, plus it comes with unlimited updates, support service, and more resources
  • You can easily order through the website. And it is easily accessible anywhere, anytime
  • With BuyNeu, your imagination can turn into reality. You think that you don’t have enough talent or skills to create your own detailed cosplay characters; but BuyNeu will guide you step by step on how to make your costume
  • Even kids can easily follow the instructions given by BuyNeu. Every step is laid out and straight to the point
  • It protects every costumer’s personal information
  • BuyNeu is a legitimate and trusted website; it offers a money-back guarantee, and the payment works with ClickBank, for the most secure and trusted e-payment


Can be very addicting


BuyNeu is a very helpful website dedicated to providing you complete materials, resources, information, and video tutorials on creating the realistic cosplay costumes of your choice. It can help you out in leveling up your skills and talents in creating costumes.

There is no need to find old clothes or put scraps together to create a cheaply made costume. With BuyNeu, you will have complete package—materials, video tutorials, step-by-step instructions, and more. You can also have unlimited updates on cosplay events and news.

It is not a scam, but it is a legitimate website dedicated to cosplayers. It offers a money-back guarantee and the payment can be made through Clickbank, a reliable and trusted e-payment source throughout the world.

Plus, you can get help from customer service, easily accessed through the website. You can ask for help regarding your access to the website, your subscription, and most importantly, how to create the costume you want to make.

BuyNeu is not an affiliate of, WishList Products, and SuccessCOR. It has ClickBank as a retailer of the products offered on the BuyNeu website. For more information and verification, read more user reviews about BuyNeu.