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Men’s Cosplay Costumes: Guys Cosplay Too!

Men’s Cosplay Costumes Guys Cosplay Too

Cosplay becomes more popular each year. Many cosplayers have even made it as part of their lifestyle.

The assembling and designing of detailed costumes that can take months is very rewarding. Because of the intricate details and fanciness of costumes, cosplay is often linked to gorgeous women who dress like their favorite video game, anime, or comic book characters. But did you know that there are men’s cosplay costumes too?

While cosplay is associated with fashion and design, many men around the world are also into cosplay. It has become an art and hobby for them, while for other guys, cosplay has become their profession. Why wouldn’t guys be into cosplay?

It may seem a sexist stereotype, but most of the Comicon and nerd culture characters are largely a man’s world. But as the world evolves, women have embraced their inner artist and the world of cosplay has become more inclusive.

Here are some of the most popular male cosplayers in the world:

Elffi Cosplay

Elffi is a great model and creator of varying costumes such as Yasuo of League of Legends and Duct Tape Man. His cosplay personality is not too serious; in fact, he is fun and playful. But this persona takes designing beautiful costumes seriously. He even reaches other parts of the world, as far as Finland, where he showcases his newest creations.

Roland’s Forge

Applying his education from the sculpture department of University of North Carolina at Greensboro, he originally got into cosplay to strengthen his portfolio in prop making. Since 2008, he has been designing incredible costumes including Jafar from Disney’s Aladdin, which was recognized during the Anime Los Angeles.

Justin Acharacter

Justin Acharacter is a popular artist who always aims to bring characters to life as if they have just stepped out of comic books or movies. He has successfully changed himself into real-life fiction. Unfortunately, in November 2014, Acharacter passed away from heart attack.

Men’s cosplay costumes

There hundreds of cosplay costumes for men that you can choose from, from the easiest to  the most complicated ones. Here are some of the most popular cosplay costumes that have been present in cosplay conventions:

  • Harley’s Joker
  • Pokemon Go Male Avatar cosplay
  • Josuke Higashikata cosplay
  • Game of Thrones Lancel Lannister cosplay
  • Captain America cosplay
  • Pirates of Caribbean Captain Jack Sparrow cosplay
  • Star Wars Kylo Ren cosplay
  • Mortal Combat Sub- Zero cosplay
  • Nightwing cosplay
  • The Last Airbender cosplay

Bestselling anime cosplay costumes for men

Anime merchandisers release a wide variety of licensed costumes and accessories. They also release a list of the most popular and bestselling cosplay costumes. For this year, the bestselling anime cosplay costumes are:

  • Nagito Komaeda from Danganronpa 2
  • Naoe Kanno costume set from Brave Witches
  • Shujin High School Male Uniform from Persona 5
  • Rufio

Sexy male cosplayers

Ladies are falling head over heels with these hot male cosplayers. They have huge biceps and six-pack abs, and total sexiness.

  • Vega of Street Fighter—Vega of Street Fighter has never been this hot in real life, made possible by Adam Atkins. He has huge shoulders, a proportionate body, and small head that balances on his shoulders
  • Sephiroth of Final Fantasy Advent Children—Etienne H. does not need to show off abs and biceps to make him look like hot Sephiroth. His glare and bad boy look is extremely attractive and sexy
  • Zack Fair of Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII—Cosplayer Juugo is a hunk cosplay who makes a real Zack Fair more muscular compared to the real one. Paired with the right photography effects, Zack Fair will definitely sweep girls off their feet
  • Kaito of Black Rock Shooter—Tin Tin has an almost perfect physique that makes a perfect Kalto of Black Rock Shooter
  • Jecht of Final Fantasy Dissidia—Elffi of Finland won the votes of the girls basically because of his huge arm muscles and thick abs paired with scar lines that complete the actual looks of Jecht
  • Dino of Katekyo Hitman Reborn—What makes Bo as Dino of Katekyo Hitman Reborn are hits seductive stare, sexy lips, and collar bones

Being into cosplay is fun especially when guys dress up like real hot anime characters. Which among them is your favorite?

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