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Funny Superhero Costume Ideas

Funny Superhero Costume Ideas

The comic book genre has given us many iconic superhero costumes and character designs throughout the years. As the years have passed, and design and image technology has evolved, so have the superheroes.

If you see a Spider-Man or an Iron Man costume, almost anyone, including children, can you tell the name of the character that you are seeing. Superheroes are one of the most popular costumes that people wear; just the feeling of assuming the identity of a superhero is an exciting experience.

Of course, there are those who have a sense of humor and take their superhero costume to an entirely different level and create a funny version of their superhero, or even an entirely new funny superhero from their imagination.

Whether you are creating a replica of a superhero or an entirely humorous version of one, you may want to head over to the website. They have awesome ideas for creating costumes, and offer a step-by-step guide on using fiberglass as a medium for your costume ideas.

If you are creating some funny additions to your costume, or even adding props, then should be your first “go-to” site.

If you have decided to be a little different and want to add a touch of humor to your superhero costume, but do know what to wear or how to dress, then you need to start looking for some funny superhero costume ideas. First place to look? None other than the Internet and good old Google!

Pinterest is an amazing site that centers on ideas; you can find almost any idea on Pinterest, and how to create that idea. Create a profile and search for funny superhero costume ideas, the list will go on for pages, all with images and links to different websites.

The great thing about Pinterest is that it is a community site; the ideas that are shared are mostly ideas that have been attempted by amateurs and the photos are of their original results and attempts.

Here are some of our funny superhero costume ideas.

The Couch Potato

This superhero is a super lazy man. The overall image is that of an unhealthy, junk food loving man who has become consumed by the food he eats; think about a superhero version of McDonalds fries.

This superhero has to wear a blindfold, otherwise he omits rays that have people rushing to eat as much junk food as possible, like hypnosis. He uses this against his enemies, he hypnotizes them long enough to save the victims of his villains.

The Electric Lameo

This is a 45-year-old man who wears footsie pajamas. He has a static shock blast and super static cling; he can pull light objects like a pen or napkin from across a room. His worst enemy is the glass bass (imagine a giant glass fish man). His static shock blast cannot work on glass.

Cob Man

This is a super powerful, corn-based hero who has a wide array of corn-based attacks, like his machine gun kernel blaster and his creamed corn slick that is an oil slick with creamed corn. He sports a popcorn wig and a green belt. His chest bears a gold kernel and his cape features a buttered corn cob.

Imagination and sense of humor

Creating a funny superhero costume is all about using your imagination and not being afraid to share your sense of humor, and allowing it to reflect in your costume.

You may feel that your idea is silly—think about the couch potato idea above—but once you have drafted your idea and created your costume, then you will see it come to life and you will be surprised with just how many people will share in your humorous approach to a superhero costume.

You could even take an existing superhero like the Hulk, for instance, and make one half of his body weak, without muscle, but still green, as an expression that his transformation was interrupted and he was not able to complete his full body transformation in time.

When you make your costume, the detailing will complete your overall look and place emphasis on the humor, it can be the finishing of your costume, a prop, or an accessory.

If you want to learn how to make some excellent pieces for your costume, then follow the video tutorials on the website They could even help create your design for you and bring your costume to life.

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